Family issues: Design Exploration and Experimentation

Posted on May 2012

The exhibition ‘Family issues’ is a collection of student works done during a course called Design Experimentation and Exploration. A group of design students participated the course, which started by introducing them to the themes Espoo and family on a week long fieldtrip. The experiences from the fieldtrip helped them to process the themes from their own personal points of view and led to concrete works of art.

The objective of the project was to introduce experimental and creative approaches to the MA students of the School of Design. The project comprised a period during which students familiarized themselves with creative processes and expressed artistic attitude and free expression in their own creative work. In the end students produced concrete artefacts with experimental design and prepared an exhibition to show these results.

This year, the theme of the course was Espoo – Family. The course started with twelve students and three teachers spending a week in the woods of Nuuksio, Espoo, researching the theme and getting inspired. After the week students started processing the themes from their own point of view and went deep into the creative process and started to make artefacts and artworks. During the whole 8-week course, the students updated a process room weekly at Design Museum, where they opened their processes for the public. They also kept working diary where they documented and reflected their creation process in visual and written form.

Maarten Den Breeijen, Jukka Itälä, Jonghoon Jun, Daniel Julier, Jokke Katajamäki, Janne Karsisto, Muhyeon Kim, Rosa Laajisto, Kalya O’Donoghue, Riina Oikari, Emmi Pouta, Simon Örnberg

Decsription of the works can be found on 365 Wellbeing project | Press release