Public Event and Exhibition at the Design Forum Showroom

Posted on February 2014

27th of March at 15-17pm.
Address: Erottajankatu 9B, (inner courtyard.)

The Handling Mind research project, funded by Finnish Academy, is arranging a public event where the researchers present the progress of the project.
The main concerns of the Handling mind project evolve around the issues of embodiment, creativity and design. The program of the event includes talks by Professor Maarit Mäkelä, Research Professor Minna Huotilainen, Professor Pirita Seitamaa-Hakkarainen and Professor Erja Syrjäläinen.

Handling mind is a multidisciplinary research project that provides a bridge between areas of neuroscience, psychology, design and educational research. The research creates new knowledge of the relationship between the social interaction, emotions, and embodied learning. Through four interlinked study tracks – A, B, C and D – we examine how participation in creative activities associated with crafts and design affects the participants’ socio-emotional experiences, and we analyze the nature of the associated embodied knowing, with a special focus on the interaction between mind, body and materials.

The event will be held in the space of an exhibition, displaying work by students from Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Design. The exhibition is showing work produced during an 8 weeks course for Master students this spring 2014. The course works as an educational platform focusing on design students’ personal creative process and their individual way of managing its phases. The research carried out in conjunction with this course explores how students manage an open-ended design challenge under a given theme by documenting their process and sharing its phases in the course context. This year the theme of the course was “Journey” and the students travelled to Lapland for inspiration.

Track A uses this Design Exploration and Experimentation course as a platform for gathering data for this research. As such the exhibition does not convey any research outcomes, but provides the public with some insight into the data collecting methods and the students personal explorations in material. Track B explores Co-design, track C studies the brain basis of designing and track D studies skill learning. All these tracks will be presented in the event that will be held in Finnish. The event will provide some refreshments.