Reading group

Posted on March 2014

We have regular meetings within the group in order to provide peer support in writing, funding applications as well as intellectual stimulation. Along with arranging writing workshops with peer reviewing and Journal workshops in order to map interesting sites for publication, we also have a reading seminar once a month. Here are some of the resent books we have read and reflected over recently.

The Reflective Practitioner: How Professionals Think in Action

The Tacit Dimension

The Craftsman

The reading seminars have been very popular, attracting also participants from other research groups within the department of design. In each reading seminar, one of the participants prepare a presentation of the recent chapter on order to discuss it in the seminar. Especially presenting through drawing and other artifacts has become a common practice that everyone has found stimulating and refreshing.

Image of the Polanyi chapter by drawing, photo by Tero Heikkinen.