Brick Workshop in Egernsund

Posted on April 2014

Egernsund, Denmark 8.-21.9.2013

Doctoral Candidate Priska Falin participated in the Brick Workshop organized by the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel. The idea for the workshop was Professor Kerstin Abraham’s.

“Away from their university or college, participants are invited into brickworks to explore the brick as a building block of European culture. In doing so, they also get to know a modern production site. At workspaces especially set up for them, they pursue their artistic work directly in a business enterprise, supported by the workshop «On Freedom in Construction», under the supervision of Leunora Salihu (sculptor, Düsseldorf/Kiel) focuses on experiments in sculpture”.

In the workshop, Falin pursued her research interests towards the process of making by taking videos and sound recordings out of the brick factory processes and from the surrounding environment. She also tested a diary method for gathering insights from her own artistic process during the workshop. Out of this experience, Falin is writing a conference paper and an artistic exposition. The artistic works produced in the workshop context are part of her doctoral research.

Link for video-material produced in the Brick Factories in Egernsund by Priska Falin.