“On Process” exhibition opening

Posted on August 2014

The exhibition On Process is a part of EMPIRICA member Priska Falin‘s Doctoral research which focuses on the aesthetics of making. It will open on Monday 11.8 at 18-20 in the Cable Factory, Turbine Hall.

On process Exhibition information

During the exhibition, a seminar is organized in the same exhibition space (Cable Factory, Turbine hall) to explore the research focus areas and to introduce the theoretical background for the research. The theoretical frame is drawn from the concepts of the aesthetic engagement by Arnold Berleant and the aesthetic experience of John Dewey. Two commentators have been invited for the seminar: Annette Arlander and Pentti Määttänen. Annette Arlander, artist and Doctor of Arts (Theatre and Drama) has worked as a professor for performance art and theory (2001-2013) and as a Head of Performing Arts Research Centre (2007-2009) at the Theatre Academy Helsinki. More information: www.annettearlander.com. Pentti Määttänen is a Doctor of Philosophy (1993) and works as a docent in the University of Helsinki and Aalto University.

The exhibition will be opened from 11-16.8.2014.

11.8 Monday opening from 18-20
12.8 Exhibition open from 10-18
13.8 Exhibition open from 10-18
14.8 Exhibition open from 10-18
15.8 Open seminar from 13-15 and exhibition open from 10-18
16.8 Exhibition open from 10-15