Bilge Merve Aktaş

Posted on August 2016

Bilge Merve Aktaş is a maker-designer, currently studying as a doctoral candidate at Department of Design. Her research interests cover issues in textile crafts, makers, materiality, nonhuman agency and local knowledges. She holds a BSc degree in industrial product design from Istanbul Technical University (2012) and MA degree in Design, Technology and Society programme from Koç University (Istanbul, 2015). Her master thesis studied traditional crafts, specifically handmade socks, through design with an aim to build a bridge between traditional crafts and contemporary maker movement from the woman makers’ perspective.

Doctoral Research

In her practice-led doctoral research, she studies the interaction between human and material during making and designing processes. Her research investigates the ways in which material affects making and designing. From a nonhuman agency perspective, she explores the field of design as an entanglement and examines material’s participation in that landscape. She conducts her research with studies in felt making that include her own practice in the studio and observations done at felt studios.