Camilla Groth

Posted on August 2016


Throwing clay blindfolded. Video-clip from research data. By Camilla Groth.

Camilla Groth defended her dissertation “Making sense through hands: Design and craft practice analysed as embodied cognition” in early 2017 as an Empirica member. Her studies focused on experiential and embodied knowing in design and craft practice and she utilized her own ceramic making process as data in her doctoral study.

Post-doctoral studies

During 2018 she is a member of the Fashion/Textiles futures research group in Aalto University, design department, where she is conducting research on senso aesthetics in relation to textiles as part of the research project Rhythms in Infant Brain: Wearables for Computational Diagnostics and Mobile Monitoring of Treatment (RIB). The study is funded by the Academy of Finland. Camilla is currently also a member of the Embodied Making and Learning (EMAL) research group at the University College of Southeast Norway, where she has been a visiting post-doctoral researcher during 2017.

Top skills

Ceramic practice, embodied cognition, practice-led research methods, artistic research, lecturing and teaching.