Krista Kosonen

Posted on August 2016


Krista is a Finnish designer-researcher based in Helsinki. She is one of the three founders of the Finnish collective Imu design, which has promoted young design talents by organizing exhibitions since 2002. Krista has graduated as Master of Arts from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in 2005, and since then worked in the fields of furniture & visual design, exhibitions, curating and design research. Currently Krista works in the Handling Mind research project, in which she examines students’ creative processes and finalizes her doctoral study. Krista’s doctoral study explores designers’ and design students’ narratives from the point of view of narrative identity.

Doctoral Research
Finding own way in design

Finding one’s own way in design is an adventure. This voyage consists of various experiences, turning points and negotiations between the personal vision and the social world. The doctoral study Finding own way in design is an exploration in the field of constructive design research. Informed by ethnography and narrative identity, it explores how design entrepreneurs and design students find their own way – creatively discover and develop their own expression and identity as a designer – and how this process could be supported in design education. By examining designers’ and design students’ experiences and creative processes with the help of visual methods, the study aims to contribute both to design education and methodology in design research. The practical goal of the research is to present empathic visual methods that can be further developed and integrated as a strategic part in design education to enhance students’ self-awareness of their design paths.

Top skills
Narrative identity in design, Reflective visual methods, Facilitation of workshops, Curating and organizing exhibitions, Mentoring creative processes

Krista’s CV