Sandra Viña Flores

Posted on August 2016


Sandra Viña is a designer and an artist. She has taken part in different international art exhibitions as well as in different design related events. The core of Sandra’s research lies in the making and study of design intervention in urban public places. The research makes sense of six different types of design interventions to reveal how they are a medium to inquire into design, to encourage interactive and dialogical social actions and a medium in design learning environments.

Doctoral research
Designing Interventions to Encourage Interactive and Dialogical Social Actions in Urban Public Places

The core of my research is to study how design interventions can enhance the experience and participation of people in the context of public city places. The ongoing research work looks into the role of design interventions throughout three key notions. Physical qualities touches upon aesthetic and functionality. Contextual environment deals with the socio-cultural dimension of the site, area and community. And, activity relates to interactions and communication between different entities at site.