Shi Di

Posted on August 2016


Sensibility Design: Study of Communication in Co-design

With the design focus extended from products to service and social system, the design team is becoming more and more complex because of the involvement of different stakeholders with different background and perspectives. The effective communication between different stakeholders is an important issue for the quality of co-design. This study is implemented through three phases. First of all, it sets out from the focus of communication between different stakeholders in co-design. Second, it sequentially open up to the communication in all co-design activities (education, research, practice). On this phase, the key concepts of sensibility design are discussed and the missing part in sensibility design is mentioned. This missing part is the sensibility to designer per se. Third, it concentrates on the communication between user and designer. On this stage, the researcher will use practice – led research as a method to explore the possibility of improving the designer’s sensibility to themselves by using design toolkits.