Tjhien Liao

Posted on August 2016

Tjhien Liao, MSc, obtained his MSc in Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, in 2005. He has worked in the fields of mobile gaming, serious gaming, web-search technology and supportive educational technology. He is currently a doctoral candidate at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. His research focuses on storied design as a communicative practice in design presentation.

Doctoral research
Storied Design: A Communicative Practice in Design Presentation

In design presentations today, designers no longer present standard product design with clear mechanical, technical, or material properties. Designers need to convey complex design solutions that are hard to grasp and increasingly intangible. This development proves to be challenging for design practitioners, scholars and educators alike. Within this basic research project, I have identified that designers rely on a type of skilled performance in which particular functionalities of a design need to be storied, rather than just showcased. To substantiate this, I have developed a conceptual framework that establishes the performance of storied design as a wider communicative practice within design presentations. The empirical basis of the work is in comparative video analysis of presentations given by leading service design professionals in the Helsinki area and some of our most talented students in Finnish design schools. Integrated with a grounded theory approach, I provide a thorough investigation of the richness and the required skill that is involved in storied design. This framework is a timely arrival and provides the needed basis for theoretical advances over what present day design practice is comprised of, as well as offers practical educational insight that aims to address storied design as a specific skill to be developed within design education.

Top skills
Interaction Design, User Centered Design, Conversation/Video Analysis, Grounded Theory