Tuulia Lampinen

Posted on August 2016


Tuulia is a Finnish textile designer and weaving professional graduated MA from Aalto University. She has been trained in Italy and France in analyzing and weaving 15th-19th century silk fabrics.As a designer doing research she is interested in the technology that past master weavers used and how that knowledge could be applied in today´s practices.

Doctoral research
From a Fragment to a Fabric. Historical Silk Textiles as Contemporary Designer´s Tool

For a designer that uses concrete materials in her everyday work practice-based research is a perfect method to achieve new knowledge. Design and production of patterned silk fabrics can never be called primitive. The process to create jacquard fabrics requires specially trained professionals. In my experience deep knowledge of technology and artistic expression through it increases the value of a textile both visually and in sustainability. Currently, I am on my parental leave.