Empirica member Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen selected to this year’s Talentshop2018 at Habitare Design Fair

Posted on September 2018

Designer and artist Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen presents her exhibition The House of Love (12.9.–16.9.2018) in Talentshop2018, which is organized as part of Habitare design fair. Korolainen’s works are situated on the edge of design and fine arts. Currently she is preparing her doctoral studies in Aalto University’s Department of Design as part of the Empirica research group. Her works can be found in the collections of Taidehalli or at the Design museum of Helsinki.

Rue de Paradis vase, hand-built ceramics, 2017. Photo: Sofia Okkonen

Korolainen’s practice–led research investigates the role of sources of inspiration in her own artistic process. The House of Love is inspired by French painter Claude Monet, especially his water lilies series in the oval halls of Orangerie museum and Monet’s private garden in Giverny, France. This exhibition is the second in the series of three, which each highlight various aspects related to sources of inspiration. The current exhibition questions what kind of relationship develops between the practitioner and her source of inspiration.

For the exhibition, Korolainen has created a series of impressionist rugs, woven jacquards and heavy hand–build ceramics with flower reliefs. The House of Love –exhibition shows artist’s creations in a homelike setting combined with some pieces of old furniture. Together they create a feeling of another, dream–like world. Not quite in the past, not quite today.

Similarly, to Korolainen’s first thesis related exhibition The House of Play and Rain (Lokal Gallery 24.2.-19.3.2017) this second exhibition invites the spectators to observe what is original and what is borrowed. When constructing The House of Love Korolainen was reminded of a familiar mantra: “something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue”.

Something new. When working on the supersoft mohair rugs, Korolainen started to feel that some contrasting materials were needed; shiny and heavy ceramics were the answer. This was the first time, since her childhood, that she started making ceramics. Korolainen created a concept of dead and alive flowers, a series of vases and dishes decorated with flower reliefs.

Something old. In her artistic work, Korolainen likes to look back. She finds inspiration in iconic artists and their works, but also in the era that they present. She combines these influences with her own vision and our time.

Something borrowed. Old furniture was borrowed for the exhibition. By this, Korolainen emphasizes that she does not invent her artworks from the emptiness but builds on an aesthetic capital of the past.

Finally, something blue. There will always be something blue. This time there is a blue vase called Blue Lagoon posed on an age–old blue children’s chair, like remains of a long–gone childhood memories.


Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen: The House of Love //12.9.-16.9.2018

Habitare Fair// Talentshop exhibition

Wed 12–20// Thu–Fri 10–19,//Sat–Sun 10–18

Messuaukio 1// 00520 Helsinki